Amount of lines per episode?


How many lines do you recommend per episode? This is excluding the around 1500 lines for character customisation.
Do you have a preferred amount of episodes per story?

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I honestly don’t mind, but I would prefer a longer episode (8-10mins)
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ANSWERED: How do Episodians like their stories?

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The thing about lines is… If you have a lot of branching/choices or very advanced directing, the lines you write don’t really matter. I have episodes with 1500 lines that are the same length in minutes as episodes with 8000.

I used to say 1200-2000 lines would make for a decent episode length but really, it just depends on the story.

In terms of amount of episodes, I personally prefer stories to have 20 or less, since ones with too many tend to drag out a bit too much

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Thanks so much for the input!

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I would say take time on how long your story is instead. around ten minuts are good