Amy's {} Art Request Thread {} [OPEN]

Hi! My name is Amy! And as you can see on the title, this is an art request thread!
Which means you can request covers/splashes/character edits and more!

The only thing you have to do is fill out this form or if you dont want to
Art request form:

This form:


What do you need? Splash/cover:
Real life style/Episode style:
Characters in it If you dont want any character leave it blank:
Character details:
Character outfits:
Character screenshot if possible:
Character outfit if possible:
Pose I can do simple custom pose:
Character doing pose if possible:
How urgent you need it As soon as possible etc.:
Anything else?:

  1. You can request on other thread (since I know you wont like my work)
  2. Credit me if you plan to use my work @epi_amya (If you want)
  3. Dont claim that my artwork is yours! (Please dont)
  4. Please tell me if you want to redo something or my work isnt what you had in mind because I can gladly change that!
  5. If you requested through the form please say “I requested!”
Small cover

Large Cover

Character Edits


Also more examples on my instagram @epi_amya

Thank you :blush:

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It says the form isn’t accepting responses. :thinking:

Let me change that

Fixed it

@Trying_To_Help your request has been accepted :blush:
It should be done in a few hours or tomorrow :smile:

@alyssa731 your request has been accepted
It should be done tomorrow


Hey, do you do overlay edits? If so, can you make this car: the same color as this car? :

@baddie3pisode your request has been accepted! But i hope your not in any rush since i have to do a few more requests

take as long as you need

@Trying_To_Help your request is done!
I hope you like it! Please do tell me if you want to change anything

pleaae Credit me if you plan to use it @epi_amya

Her hair needs to be down. it has to look like the adult version cuz i made her like that. I don’t want it to confuse the readers, I’m so sorry… :disappointed_relieved:

Its okay :+1:
Its my fault cuz I changed the hair even tho you didnt say so, give me a few mins and ill fix that

@alyssa731 im finished with your cover!
Im not sure if it was a large or smal one but i made a small one

Please credit me if you plan to use my work @epi_amya

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Heres the fixed version:

@baddie3pisode im done with your splash!
Your character edit would be done in a few

Dont blame me if the abs look terrible since its my first time

Im done with the edit! And im pretty suprised by the final product! I hope you enjoy :heart:

Option 1 - please credit me if u use it

Option 2 - please credit me if you use it

I love it!!!

OMG ITS AMAZING made my day