An Apology (Because I feel terrible about it)


I posted a thread on racism, and as I deserve, I got backlash. Thankfully, my thread was criticized. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have posted it. In truth, I don’t even believe 75% of what I posted. It was posted because of the 25% I do believe. And it upset a lot of people.
I understand that I shouldn’t have posted it. And, I’m sorry. Now, I asked for it to be closed. But if you wanna continue to yell at me about it here, I’m listening.


Just curious if u dont believe 75% of it how come u posted that 75%


This isnt hate, just curious


Because it was part of my thoughts. I kinda just say what I’m thinking… Like, 100% of the time.


I didn’t see the need to be more careful, because I tend to be an utter moron.


Oh ok makes sense kinda


U r not an utter moron


Strongly disagree.


@ChayChay? Wanna help me out


Sky babe you aren’t a moron. Don’t say that. Things get said sometimes and people get upset. You apologized let it be over babe.



Topic closed to avoid unnecessary drama or spam replies. :slight_smile: