An Appreciation Thread... for EVERYONE

There have been a lot of appreciation threads on Episode, but not a lot for everyone in general to appreciate each other. Here is a thread where everyone can @ each other and appreciate everyone!

We could all use some appreciation in our lives :blush:

I’ll start with this:

Thank you to -

@Phoenix_11037 - For helping me with my stories and giving me great advice!

@AnonymousPerson - For creating such an insightful thread that brings light to all the problems with Epiosde :slight_smile: #ThisIsNotOkay

@Dara.Amarie - For making such an awesome website, helping the whole Episode community out with their problems, and making templates and threads for us! Your hard work will never be forgotten!


I don’t know who those people are! :thinking:

I’m sure y’all are great though!


A bit weird but thanks for the heads up!

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This thread is a great idea. Let me just roll out an entire list of people who I think are very cool.

@writingspirit - I like your informative essays and how you give a lot of passion into your arguments and opinions.

@Jenaco - Your edits look amazing as always. I’m always waiting for them when an update comes out.

@Avarose456 - One of the coolest people on the forums. Being able to chat about cool cartoon movies and recommending them was one of my favorite threads and experiences on these forums.

@PhoenixLynn.writes - You’re a very talented artist, and your pfp looks absolutely beautiful. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing something right and producing amazing work.

@PropertyofNae - Thank you for helping me out with my stories, and you’re one of the best artists I’ve seen not just on the forums, but in the entirety of Episode.

And finally,

@heythere - For making this awesome thread, and being an awesome person who tells it how it is. One of the best people I’ve met online, and I have Episode to thank for that.

There’s probably some more people that I’m forgetting, so I might come back.


Aw thank you :pleading_face::purple_heart: And np :sparkles:



You’re literally one of my favorite people on Episode, and I have discord to thank for that.


we appreciate ya’ll :slight_smile:

Love a community with positivity


I’m cool?! You’re the cool one! :wink:

Also, thank youuuuu! <3


Aw thank you so much, that means a lot!! :blob_hearts:

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You’ll be a great addition to the community!


That’s a bit presumptous, don’t you think?

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Lol, just joined too!

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Hello folks!


I don’t know anyone on here yet, but this place seems kinda cool!


It is-

You just have to find the right people!

Anyways, I’ll continue with my appreciations.

@Melani3 - Thank you for always telling us about the latest updates and fixing all our problems with them!


ForumAdmin hit me up with that trust level-

the only thing was I thought someone actually wanted to talk to me :sob:

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Hey everyone! :smiley:

Awwww I’ll talk to you

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Can anyone continue on with more appreciations :eyes:

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I’ve been a fan of Episode for a long time and I can’t wait to know you all. I joined a few seconds ago so I don’t have anybody to appreciate but with such a positive community and this being the first I see, I guess I’ll have a lot of people to appreciate.