An cover art for my first story

Hello, little cupcakes. I’m writing my first story, and it would mean the world to me if someone could do that.
It’s a fantasy story, about rebellion, bad or good, on INK.
The main character has a tan skin, seductive arch eyebrows, a long curly hair on Black, upturned bold eyes on the color Hickory, an Elven nose, a Round face shape and full round lips on wine.
I was thinking of her in the middle, a badass face, pointing a bow with a castle on background and wings behind her. One side, black, and one side, white. And maybe add some other characters, if you’re up to it, let me know.
What you think?

Hi there! You can check out my art shop thread here if you’re interested! :wink:

(It includes cover art!)

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Pleasure doing business with ya! <3

Thank you so much! Keep doing that good job!