An Crazy Yet Awesome Idea?

Yes I said I was going bah-bye, but during ths ‘buh-bye’ shi, i decided to maybe make a story, but just not any kind of story, a series story, filled with different stories in partial different episodes on peoples REAL LIFE stories. I want to make a ‘story’ that is based on real life events that happens to real people. So this is it how it works:

1 Reply ‘Done’ if your willing to go foward with this idea.
2. I’ll Like The Comment
3. After Me Liking It, PM Me Straight Away
4. We’ll do A Little Greeting
5. I’ll ask you questions
6. Ask For your story
7. You Give me a story that has happened to you (situation)
8. I’ll make it in Portal and Tell you once finished w/ your story!

Like this if your down with this idea! Let’s begin shall we…?


Yeet I’m down

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