An episode story that you think the majority has read?

Ooh, I’ve never heard of it :eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ll check it out!

My guess would be Dirty Little Secrets :thinking:

omg yesss infamous and war dogs :pleading_face: :pleading_face:


Aaaa you guys were right, i should’ve said Chain Reactions instead. I found these in my favorites and yep- i was obsessed :face_with_head_bandage:

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I think for me it would be Dylan Paige’s stories.
‘Beat Again’ was definitely everywhere.

Complicated by Sai (19M)
The New Girl by Sage (39.9M)
The Transformation by Sandra Gustafson (13.2M, Ink had 7.2M or so)
Wicked Sins by Regina (20.4M)
The Secret of Rain by Joseph Evans (Official Story)
Campus Crush (Official Story)
Dangerous Love (previously known as Juvie) (Official Story)
The Assassin: Femme Fatale by Mette Peleikis (10.1M, Ink has 2.8M)
The Teacher by Mette Peleikis (Can’t find the ink version anymore but it was massively popular, LL has 10.3M)
Blake by Wiktoria Forevel (16.9M in ink)
The Lovely One by Naemi Tiana (10.3M in ink, 15.7M in LL)
Eat Me Up by Heli (17.1M)
Mindreader by Alusza (10.4M)
Falling For Sin (Official Story)
Rebounding with Bad by Talia Rose (8.9M)
MAID FOR YOU by Alex Light (14.4M)
I Married A Millionaire by earlgreytea (21.6M)
Dirty Little Secrets by Cindy Gaultier (41M)
Envy by Cindy Gaultier (Official Story)
My Alien Lover by Anyanka (9.1M)
Somewhere Along The Way by Coni B (7.2M)
Under You by The Butterfly/Butters (21.8M)
STRIPPED by Chantelle M (14.4M)
Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni (8.2M)
Faking Death by S. Langdon (4.9M)
Legally Clueless by Char Cee (1.2M)
Love Me Black & Blue by Effy Ameer (2.5M)
Girl in Manhattan by Effy Ameer (1.5M)
Billionaire Baby Daddy by Charmain C (24.7M)
The Bunny Boiler by Jasmin Dee (4.6M)

Like the others have mentioned, My Episode Lover by Annelise Allen, The Doberman by Meesza and Dripping Mascara by Genevieve would have to be counted too.

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Demi Lovato’s Episode stories, lmao.

I literally can’t listen to Demi Lovato’s music without thinking about Episode.
The moment I hear the beat for Cool for the Summer, my sister and I bust out laughing.

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I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t read Dripping Mascara. I wanted to know but I don’t know if I could sit through all those episodes and the style is outdated, which would make it even harder for me to follow.

Oh, I’d like to believe that many people have read Joseph Evans’ stories!

The Ember Effect
Glitch Girl
The Phoenix Prophecy

Ugh, I wish all the GOAT writers would come back and continue writing (Mette, Joseph, S. Langdon, & more)

No, don’t worry, you’re not the only one :sob: I’ve heard of it but I haven’t read it because the classic style isn’t what I normally read.

don’t worry, tho i haven’t read it because the classic style isn’t my type of read

Wicked sins is lowkey good

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Yes me too sis art scenes were amazing! :blob_hearts: :star_struck:

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Stay the night by earlgreytea is actually pretty good tho


I haven’t read past the first chapter, I found the style really creepy :see_no_evil:

I’d say Chain Reaction or New Girl, since those are probably the most popular community stories that exist (at least that I know) and they each have tens of millions of reads. What’s funny is that I haven’t read either stories LOL

Omg they all bring back so many memories when the episode community was so different :joy:

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Chain reaction. If you haven’t read this story ur new.