An experienced coder partner? (limelight)

An experienced limelight coder needed

Hi there, I’m just starting out to write stories in episode. So far it’s overwhelming for me and… my laptop :upside_down_face:
While I can do basic coding, it still hard for me to do spot directing, overlays and choice matters.
So I need a coder to help me out :grinning:
I envision my story to have choice matters that will influenced the ending. So I will need experienced coder.
Don’t worry… you won’t do coding by your own. Cause I will code anything that I can.
My time zone = UTC +07:00

For summary, you can PM me,
What I can tell here that the MC was born as a typical mean girl you usually find in cliche stories.
Genres = drama with romantic sub-plot

PM me if you’re interested :blush:


U there