An Idea For A Storyline (looking for partner it is not great but please do not steal idea)

One incident changed her life forever. She had been on the run for a while now. She had been targeted by a man who she thought she would love for better or for worse, until she saw his true colors and ran without looking back. When Scarlett finds her new location to settle down for a while, she meets a mysterious stranger who she falls for. Scarlett thinks she wants to stay with her new lover, but she knows wether she likes it or not she will always be on the run.

Hi, I am recently new to writing and I have a lot of great idea for stories but I can’t write my own yet because I am not sure how to actually create it if anyone would like to help me with this story and teach me some controls I would gladly appreciate it. Also, if this needs work or you have any feedback about the story line please let me know.

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I’d love to help you but if I’m going to be honest Im not that good at…
But I will lent you some suggestions!

You should play the writers portal tutorials

I also learned a lot from watching Joseph Evans on YouTube

Okay, thanks for the advice. I had tried to write a story in the past, but it got too confusing for me. What did you think about the storyline?

Yeah And I hate how if you get the coding slightly wrong the hole story won’t work

And on your story part
I like it!
If you need help with the cover art I could help you

Okay, thanks! I’ll let you know if I need help with the cover art!

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