An interesting fact about you!

I want to engage with the community more, so post 1 interesting fact about yourself! Feel free to discuss the facts, but remember to PM if it becomes too off topic :smiley:

I’ll start, 1. I have a birthmark on my forehead.


I have three birthmarks. I have a sideways heart on my waist, I have a patch on my face, and I have another on a spot that I don’t want to say :joy: but its green and it is shaped like a star.

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I’m a big science geek and I do math and physics problems when I’m bored lol

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I have a birthmark shaped like a fingerprint on my right thigh.

i have glasses

I love to play video games. My favorite video game character is Sonic the Hedgehog.

What?! I love jellybeans!

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Same. I hate marshmallow peeps and Cadbury cream eggs too. Easter has the lamest candy. I guess my fact is I don’t like holiday themed candy, not a fan of peppermint being in everything on Christmas, I think candy corn is nasty, and those valentines Neco hearts are basically chalk.


My feet are very big and I have “Man Hands”.

One of my ears is higher than the other :joy: not that visible, but it makes my glasses look slightly tilted.

I love nutella :yay:

I’ve downloaded episode when it first came out., with those scary classical character types. :flushed:


I hate chocolate cake or candy (please don’t come after me)


I have lot’s of scars because as a toddler ,lot’s of terrible things happend to me :woman_facepalming:
also I’m philophobic :star2:

As much as I love watching movies, I don’t like eating popcorn while watching one. I don’t like the taste of popcorn. (It’s a bit unpopular though.)

Bold of you to assume there’s anything interesting about me.

I’m a pre-me who almost brought mi Madre down with me because fetus me was a greedy little shiitake taking way too much nutrients from my already very ill mother. Thankfully, National Geographic didn’t need to go full analysis and break in to examine the mystery of that weird mole rat that had died trying to ruin some poor woman’s life, because, alas I survived. Tragedy, I know. :point_right:

I’m sorry, my sense of humor is very weird. I’ll excuse myself out the door—

Half of my body is taller than the other. I found out in 4th grade when the nurse mailed my family a letter.
Now my brothers’ nickname for me is Mutant

I don’t like raw dairy products (milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream etc). I just can’t eat any of them. I eat some of them if they’re already processed somehow. Like, baked cheese (on bread, on pizza etc) or milk only in my morning coffee. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m really into science (especially Biology and quantum physics)

Not an expert though, no. Just an avid learner.

And love learning about difficult concepts that literally boggles my mind.

I hate lots of popular American foods. Like Hotdogs, Apple pie, most Thanksgiving foods, Meatloaf, and Tater tots. Just lots of things :joy: