An Old Soul is Requesting for A Cover ^^

Title: The Clueless Criminal :mag: :gem: :newspaper:

I need a large and a small cover. It’s in limelight and it’s going to be a short story (about 3 to 5 episodes and it’s going to be in Black and White with a male MC who can’t be customized) :white_heart: :black_heart:

On the small cover, I would like a silhouette figure of a guy with a hat holding jewellry, the title name in fancy print and By: JemU776 :nerd_face: :wilted_flower:

On the large cover, I’d like a group of dudes (just figures) in black and white wearing business suits :heart:

No guns please :dancer:

I hope this makes sense <3


Drawn or edited?

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I’m fine with either one :nerd_face:

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i can maybe try to make you edited one. can you send me character’s details? x

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Hi, it would be a silhouette figure, so like no features but can have a hat on him (since he has a hat no hair would show) and he’s wearing a business suit (again, we don’t see as he’s a silhouette) with the typical episode limelight male body type (for the face shape, any) but yeah he would be holding jewellry :heart: :see_no_evil:

For the large cover, it’d be like duplicates of him (a group) in different poses :nerd_face: :blob_sun:

Thank you for linking :blob_hearts:

I saw that thread earlier because I stalk Fraud :laughing: :blob_hearts:


Sounds like a fun mission so I might be able to help you out! If you’d like it drawn that is?

Sure :blob_sun:

yeah, i was asking because of hair and head shape. i’ll start working on it now:)

Hahahaha :rofl: :smirk: :two_hearts:

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No no it’s fine, I think @EllasStorys is already working on it but am not sure :see_no_evil:

Ah I haven’t had time to start yet so if anyone else have started they can go ahead :two_hearts:

Awesome lol :+1:

@classycherries Thank you, I can’t wait to see it :yay:

Just wondering how the cover is going, no rush though :see_no_evil: :blob_sun:

Bump :blob_sun:

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Do u still need it?

I believe so :joy: :blob_sun: I’m not too sure if @classycherries has taken on the project (I would need a final confirmation) but I think maybe not so yep :two_hearts:

Bump :two_hearts:

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Bump :gun:

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I can do it if you give me the details!