An open letter about petition


Hello, first of all, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Turtle Trainer. One of the people who started the petition about fair-contests.

Ehm, we didn’t think that this petition would reach out to many people as in a negative way. We thought about this petition, as both a reader and an author. I’m a person that enjoys realism in the stories I read. I wanted to see some stories that include real-life heroes, sadly, I was a bit disappointed when I saw the shelf, but that’s not something I can blame the authors who won, nor Episode. We all know that reader retention is important. But, as a “small author” and a reader who’s been reading Episode back from 2014, I, wanted to make a change. Despite my story, I’ve kept promoting my friends’ stories in any way I could. (I’m not trying to make you pity me or make myself sound like an angel.) So, for those who say that petition wouldn’t start if we won the contest yes, maybe yes. But if there were people who thought like us. The petition would start. If I was chosen as a winner, I would promote underrated stories at least through Instagram. Another point is that we are doing this out of jealousy. Of course, I was not surprised when I was these kinds of comments. But, believe me, if I won, and there was something like this going around, I would support it. Because everybody deserves to have a feeling of success in contests. Another point is, some of our supporters’ words about a specific winner. My dearest apologies, for the author and their friends. We never thought those comments would lead to such a drama. We didn’t even have a small portion of pettiness, jealousness when those comments were typed. Those comments were meant to criticize, but sadly, it got out of control and lead the thread to get locked and discouraged the author. Again, sorry to the author and their friends. But we had no intention of hurting the author. But there’s something also wrong.

You’re free to hold whatever opinion you’d like of us. but you cannot call us names, insults just because we said: “Small authors also deserve to win!” I’ve seen comments call us b*tches, and it totally broke my heart. Not only our goal was understood wrong, we were getting hate for what we stood for.

Our suggestion may not be the best, but we’re trying our best to come up with a new algorithm, and a new system that includes ratings, so we can propose our idea to Episode.

You can always participate and help us! We know that our way isn’t the correct way. That’s why we made a petition. We need opinions from thousands of people! Do not say I don’t support this because this is bs. Say why you don’t support it! Tell us how we can improve it! Help us! So we can change the algorithm, and make sure the next contest won’t have an outcome like this!

Thank you for reading. Please do not make hateful comments and get the thread locked.

-Turtle Trainer Episode

Talking about Silencing within the community

Well said.


ya know i had to clean up rumors :new_moon_with_face::skull:


You know what, I actually like the discussion that’s happening on the separate contest shelves thread :blush:. For the most part, I think it’s a pretty constructive discussion.



If there was a previous topic/thread pertaining to this and it got locked, chances are this one shouldn’t be up either. If this is in regards to any sort of internal conflict among forum/episode users then please keep this in private messages as the team is not hear to moderate internal conflicts among users. Thanks and if the thread op wants to further discuss this please reach out to myself or @Ryan. Thanks again.

Talking about Silencing within the community