An Update from Liz


Hello Episodians!

Together we’ve seen this platform grow into the amazing, wonderful supportive community of authors, artists and readers. I am so happy to have been a part of this for the last two and half years. However, the time has come for me to take a little break - I am expecting my first child and am due any day now!

Over the next week or so I will be wrapping up a few loose ends before I take my maternity leave and then I will be signing off for several months. My last day at Episode HQ is June 29th. @Jesse and our wonderful Support Team will run the show until I return late this Fall. Cass will still be around keeping an eye on things too!

What does this mean for the community?
Hopefully not too much will change and things should keep running smoothly while I am out. Creator’s contests will continue as planned. You will get regular art and portal updates. Stories and art will be reviewed. Support tickets will be answered. Weekly Shelves will go out and we will keep asking for your input on what stories you would like to see.

I am hoping to finalize the Community Advisory Panel before I go in terms of selecting the participants, but the group itself will fully launch when I return. While I am out I will not be responding to DMs or emails, but in the meantime, you can still message any concerns to our Support Team and they will be passed on to Jesse.

With love,



Wow, congratulations Liz! Hope everything goes well and will be waiting for your return. You’ve done a lot for the Episode community. :heart:


Congratulations! I wish you luck and I hope everything goes well and that you will be happy! You have done so much for Episode and we will miss you! :heart:


oh my gosh, congratulations! we’ll miss you, but i’m so happy for you! good luck with everything, we’re so grateful for everything you’ve done, and we can’t wait for you to come back. :heartbeat:




Congrats Liz!!! Babies are amazing!!! Have fun!!! That’s so exciting


Congratulations!!! :smiley:


Congrats!!! I’m so happy to hear this!!! Take all the time you need and enjoy every second of it!!! This is the best thing that could happen :black_heart:


Congratulations Liz, take all the time you need and enjoy every moment with your little bundle of joy! :heart_eyes: :heart:


Congratulations! Enjoy the little bundle and we will see you later this year!


Congratulations on your little bundle! And enjoy your time away taking care of the little one!


Awwww… :baby::baby_bottle:


Congratulations – I’m so happy for you! I hope all goes well, and I wish you a happy break :sparkling_heart:


Congratulations Liz​:blush::heart::heart::heart:


Congratulations, Liz! :heart:

Enjoy your little break xxx


Congratulations, Liz! Hope everything goes as planned and tell the baby we said Hi! :sparkling_heart:


Congratulations and best wishes to you!! :grinning::heart_eyes::tada:


The best of luck to you and your wonderful bundle of joy xx


Congratulations Liz :grin::blush:


Congratulations, Liz!!! I hope all goes well and I know you are super excited to welcome your bundle of joy into the world. I know that the community will miss you, but we are excited for your little addition!!
Good luck!!!