An Update to Profiles is Coming to Episode!

Hi everyone!

With the release of 23.41, we will be introducing some updates to the Profile section of the app! These updates will be slowly introduced to the community as we head into the New Year to ensure things are working as intended, very similar to how Book Clubs came out. This initial roll out will be quite small, so don’t worry if you don’t see these updates in your app right away! If and when you do get the feature, please post any feedback you have into our dedicated feedback thread!

New/Updated Booklists:

  • Exciting new design layout for your profile page! Dress up your avatar and show off your best Episode-self there
  • Your My Favorites book list, which is currently found ONLY on the home page, will now also appear on your profile page.

  • Added a new book list, Stories I’ve read, which will automatically document every story you’ve ever read

  • Added the ability to choose whether or not you want your Booklists to be visible on your profile

  • Added sort, filter, and mass delete functions for each booklist.
    NOTE: For authors only, the Stories I Published list will not have a delete function within it.

Updated Info:

  • Added an About tab, which shows how long you’ve been on Episode, number of chapters you’ve read, and number of stories you’ve completed.

Known Issues:

  • Players will be unable to change their background and emotions with this particular version. We’ve limited this ability because we are currently working on a future update to improve this experience.
  • Emojis within the profile home page, such as in your name or the speech bubble, will be tinted with the black text color. We already have a fix for this, and it will be available in an upcoming release.