Analiyah's first Outline contest!

Hellooo! This is my first outline contest! I just wanted to let you know that before you read any further, this is all males so… don’t be mad

Okay so here are the outlines~


This is very important.

•Do NOT take my outline and claim it as your own or use it anywhere else without crediting me by using my @
•Do NOT crop my watermark out of the outline. I have eyes everywhere, i will know if you did break one of the rules
•Have the outline finished by the deadline of April 1st, 2020 Let me know if you need more time, I will expand the date its due.
•please be nice to others joining, If anyone does :sob:
•You may choose 1 outline or both! And you can join as many times as you like!
•Your allowed to change up the outline as long as its still noticeable as mine :wink:
•Have fun!
• You may join as many times as you like there’s no limit :open_hands:

Examples of the outline finished

This is my first time drawing males, so no judging.

1st place gets a drawn pfp from me and a custom pose + a drawn or edited cover/ art trade :grin:
2nd place gets a custom pose + an edited cover

If you would like examples of my work feel free to pm me :grin::open_hands:

HAVE FUN! :grin::heart:

Also sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged

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As a clarification, we have to submit both outlines to participate?

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Eeek! Of course I’ll join, thanks for the tag.

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Sure I’ll join in, also those examples are really good!

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Thank you for tagging me :pray:…I’M IN :muscle::100:!!!

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Nope, just pick one! Or you can do both!

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Alright, also could we change up the outline a little?

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Thanks love :star_struck: :blob_hearts:

Yes :grin::open_hands:

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I’ll join! :smile:

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Yeah, I’ll join!

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Sounds fun, I’ll join, thanks for the tag

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Thanks for tagging, I’ll see if i have time to enter. :heart:

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I wanted to add a background, but is cover a lot your watermark so… (I know is not the best :see_no_evil:)


:cat_shocked: that’s fantastic girl! :sob:

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Yes! Don’t doubt yourself :rage:

Okay okay :speak_no_evil::+1::joy::blush:.

Btw … your first outline is a MASTERPIECE girl :speak_no_evil::scream:…you did an AMAZING JOB.

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Thankyou! :pleading_face: :blob_hearts:

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