Anchor point and rotation tool

One thing that is annoying for overlay users is anchor points and rotating, It takes a long time to figure out if my anchor point is 0.6 0.8 for example, and how much I need to rotate my overlay.

I think a tool in the episode portal for anchor points and rotation would save such a huge amount of time and…frustration for not just me but a lot of people in the episode community.


I support but the title is wrong

I usually use 0.5 0.5 or 0 0 or 1 1
I dont think ull need others as long as ur overlay doesnt have any extra space/ in middle

No space ✔

unneeded space/not in middle✖

In this case I’d use 0.5 0.5
In arms or non circular objects 0 0 / 1 1
But I do support the rotation 1 :100::100::100:
As it takes a long time to figure out.:raised_hand:t4:

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