Anchor points help!

So does anyone know how to make a baseball bat move like this with anchor points?

I don’t wan’t it to go flat at the end, I sort of just want it to look like someone’s hitting something with it.

I tried so many times but I keep failing.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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What’s your overlay look like? :slight_smile:

it’s the regular prop in Episode :slight_smile:

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What does your script look like? :blush:

Similar to rotating a punching bag, you are probably going or want to make sure that there is no extra space on your overlay. :slight_smile:

anchor point I think is: 1 1
I know it can’t be 0.5 0.5
Maybe ask @Dara.Amarie do you know?

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For that image, the anchor point will be 0 0


i’m jelly how are you so good at this stuff

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The anchor point will need to be the bottom of the bat since that’s where its going to turn from, like in the gif above.


thank you so much!
I’ve been so confused for so long!

so when it’s rotating, will the anchor point be rotating from the anchor point?

If you ever need any help, I’m available as well! :two_hearts:

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of course! Thank youu :blush: :blob_hearts:

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Yes the anchor point is where the overlay rotates from.

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thank you!

Thanks guys! @Dara.Amarie and @Avarose456 :slight_smile:

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Hi just wondering if you could help me with the same thing?
Ive tried a lot of different coordinations and angles but it doesnt seem to work. My aim is to have the baseball bact, like above, hit the person on the right from behind him, so that the person looks as if they are off screen hitting him with the bat. Ill post my script and preview below.
Im still learning about rotating overlays lol