Ancient Chinese Backgrounds Needed

Hi guys. So I am creating a story with many themes and one of the setting is in ancient China.
There are quite a few Qing Dynasty backgrounds in Art Catalog but many like rooms, streets, clinic, market, etc. like those in manhuas, are not available. I really want some of those backgrounds as well as overlays if possible. I will credit you. Please help me.
PS: Does anyone know if there are Chinese outfits in LL because I saw some in INK version.

LL does have a Chinese outfit but it’s a modern cheongsam.

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Yeah I saw that but it is not suitable for ancient setting. So I think I have to mix and match some outfits to create something similar but it’s really hard. Anyways, thank you for giving your time to reply to my post. By the way do you know where I can get backgrounds?