Ancient Egyptian (F,LL) outfit!

I’m just really proud of the fact that I was able to create a pretty decent ancient Egyptian Female outfit!

Clothes Used

-Angel Dress Costume Chiffon White Gold (dress)
-Devil Tattered Cape Silver (cape)
-Spaghetti Strap Belted Long Slit Beach Dress Cotton Grey White (dress)
-Multi Strap Double Buckle Sandal Leather Neutral Brown (shoes)
-Duel toned feathers orange yellow (earrings)
-Bangle thick beaded bracelet stone gold
-Noveau middle gem circlet metal gold (head piece)
-circular patterned gold chocker metal gold
-Plate Gold necklace metal gold


That’s great! Nice layers with the clothing :wink:.

It looks really good !

Thank you:) this took me longer than I thought!

Thank you so much:)

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Very nice!

Thank you😇

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It’s really nice

Thank you :purple_heart:

Wow, that looks very nice! Have you tried previewing it in the app? Because I’ve come up with new outfits countless of times that looked amazing in the portal previewer, but uhh… not so much in the app lol

I’m happy you said this because it’s definitely not the same in the app as it is on the portal. That’s aggravating

Yeah! Despite how limited Episode’s clothes are when it comes to older periods, you puked it off well!!!

D’aww, sorry to hear that :c Been there too many times, sadly. I know the feeling. Maybe you could try another long white dress? Perhaps one of them will end up looking good in the app.

Sorry for the late response! I’m a huge history buff so it’s frustrating me that I can’t get it historically accurate

No worries! I hope Episode releases more historically accurate outfits soon.

Me too!

it looks AMAZING!! I love it so much. I hope episode considers releasing a bunch of ancient egypt sets (the wigs, BGS, OLs, male apparel, female apparel, etc.)