And again we need characters

So I need characters again aha!, this is the story description, INK
In order for Sylver Sandoval to take over the family business he needs to find a wife, When he meets Nellie Cooper daughter of the biggest mafia leader, he thinks shes perfect




My name is Asha

Hair: long braids (dark black)
Skin color: dark
Face shape: oval
Eyebrows: seductive round
Eyes: upturned bold (dark brown)
Nose: round
Mouth: full round (violet)

Clothes: can be everything no problem!


Name: Diana

Skin tone: Olive

Hair style: diva curls or straight

Hair color: white

Eye shape and color: upturned feline Auburn or silver

Nose: elven/upturned

Lips: full round plum

Eyebrows: mature round/ seductive arch

Clothes: anything you want

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Just don’t mess with my food you can’t get me to wear anything girly like dresses skirts heels or pink :nerd_face::smile: ima tomboy

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