Andee's Boutique ❤ 🖤

People say I’m good at making outfits. So I’m like why don’t I open a Boutique.
Feel Free To Request What Ever You Want :blob_hearts:
Reminder: I only do outfits here! If you want to request anything else you can go to Queen’s Art Shop

  • NO DRAMA! Please take your drama to the pms!
  • Credit Me Please credit me @queenscribbles on instagram :pleading_face:
  • Use The Forms Please use the forms or your request is autocamilty denied
  • Use The Password & BLUR IT Password: Outfits By Dee

Yes I do both INK & LIMELIGHT
Please, DO NOT use any of these examples without my perimisson!

Please Fill Out The Form
You MUST fill out the bolded parts


Female Or Male Outfits:
Age/Age Rage*
Style: (Vintage,Shy,Sassy. ect…)
How Many Outfits?

Skin Color:
Hair Color:

Thank you for requesting :heart:

Credits: @hollywood.episode for the banners :two_hearts:

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@queenscribbles your character is looking hot, girl.

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And who is your bf, lol.

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ikr :hot_face: :rofl:
my bbys andee & andee :pleading_face:

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Cool, girl.
And I love the banners. and everything it’s very organized,

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Please invite me to the wedding , btw.

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dats my boy verison :upside_down_face:

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Oh he’s looks hot, too. How’re you doing ?

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stop spamming my thread and just pm me :yawning_face:

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bump :pleading_face:

lol nice male character

can you make 20 outfits?

fill out the form

le sigh

1st one- Male, 17-18, I need three casual comfy, 3 hot/jock clothing :joy: (appropriate for school) and 4 nice casual (like he took the time to think for he’s wearing for school but it’s not fancy), Occasion-SCHOOL, Outfits-10 for him
Skin and Hair color- Neutral 03 and Drak brown

2nd one- Male, 17-18, 5 nice casual, 5 creative ( like he wears clothes that look good but you wouldn’t think to make…if this doesn’t make sense just 5 artsy/comfy casual), occasion- SCHOOL, Outfits- 10 for him.
Skin and hair color- Neutral 02 and Medium Blonde

Password :relieved:

id let you slide that one time let me in!

nope sorry :relieved:

frick you XD i just need clothes for my dudes also ur password is too long outfits by dee

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I’ll have them by tomwere :relieved:

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:roll_eyes: thanks :joy:

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U got style babe

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