Andrea's Official Outfit Ideas/Requests Thread



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INK Outfit Composing:

  • Grunge Chic Checkered Top
  • Chelsea Boots
  • High Waist Jeans New
  • Ringed Tank (Black)

INK Outfit Composing:

  • Tight Yoga Pants (Sonoma Blue)
  • Pink Sporty Chic Sneakers
  • Teal Boho Bracelet
  • Teal Full Turban Headwrap
  • Pastel Tie-Die Beach Day Romper

INK Outfit Composing:

  • Sparkly Gold Tank
  • Headphones Black
  • Dark Denim Jeans
  • Black Sporty Chic Sneakers
  • Orange Panel Cropped Hoodie


Thanks a lot. They look absolutely amazing!


Here thanks @AndreaH


@Episode.Cameronwrite Getting it done soon!


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Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Leggings Cotton Blue Navy
  • Loose Frill Scarf Cottonplaid Brown
  • Down Snowboarding Jacket Cotton Green Teal
  • Double Button Elastic Knitted Headband Wool Grey Ivory
  • Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater Cotton Cream
  • Pull Tab Yellow Stitched Rubber Heel Boot Matte Leather Black Snake Skin




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Here’s my new design!

INK Outfit Composing:

  • Long Knit Sweater (Chinchilla Grey)
  • Floral Tank Top
  • Dark Denim Jeans
  • Dark Brown Chelsea Boots and Socks


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Hi, it’s me again! :grin:

Classic/INK/Limelight: INK
Character’s Style/Personality: Fun, energetic, bubbly
Event: College day
Type of Clothing/Description: Fashionable clothing (da character is rich hehe)


@PurpleRose I’m So sorry I didn’t notice your reply sooner. I’ll get your request done now!


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INK Outfit Composing:

  • Short Pencil Skirt (Sonoma Blue)
  • Navy Sporty Chic Sneakers
  • Blue Panel Cropped Hoodie
  • Pastel Tie-Die Beach Day Romper


Thank you! :blush:


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