Andrea's Official Outfit Ideas/Requests Thread



Can I request a few outfits as well?

I noticed that we have bloody tattered clothes for females in Limelight but not really any for males. Can you create an outfit for a guy that’s tattered and looks like he’s been stranded on an island?
Style: Limelight (MALE)
Character’s Style/Personality: Kind, helping, confused. He’s older so it doesn’t have to be sylish or superficial lol.
Event: Stranded on an Island.
Type of Clothing/Description : Tattered clothing.

Can you create a genie outfit as well? I’ve been using the Sari tops and bottoms but I was wondering if you could come up with something better lol :blush:.
Style: Limelight (FEMALE)
Character’s Style/Personality: She’s nice but she’s a little sassy.
Event: She’s a genie.
Type of Clothing/Description : Genie clothing. Any type. But, try not to include any modern clothes.



Style: Ink
Character’s Style/Personality: Cute/ Savage (sorta bad girl ish)
Event: Casual day
Type of Clothing/Description: I don’t know…? Anything really.


@Jossu @Penny2 @sunset16 Your requests will be completed soon! Thank you for your support!

If the results turn out NOT to your liking, you are free to request again but you’ll have to be more specific.


Hello can i get some halloween costume ideas for girls and boys please :smiley:



I apologize in advance for taking so long to complete your requests.

:white_check_mark: Request by @Jossu

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Ankle Buckle Boots Pleather Grey Black
  • Collared Crop Rolledup Sleeves Jacket Leather Grey Black
  • Woven Bracelet Metal Accents Red Rose
  • Silver Cuff Leggings Spandex Grey Black
  • Bralette Halter Sides Lace Detailing Silk Red Cherry
  • Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

:white_check_mark: Request by @sunset16

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Oxford Cap Toe Leather Dark Brown
  • Ripped Sidelace Up Belted Capris Polyester Brown Sable
  • Victorian Vest Shirt Button Up Shirt Cotton Brown Tan Blood

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Aiko Crop Top Cotton Blue Royale
  • Leaf Motif Beaded Bracelet Metal Gold
  • Triangle Long Earrings Metal Gold
  • Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Gold
  • Circular Patterned Gold Choker Metal Gold
  • Ear Cuff Elven Ear Earrings Metal Gold
  • Leaf Tank Top With Wrap Around Flower Arm Band Flower Green
  • Gogo Boots Knee High Pleather Blue Cerulean
  • Open Front Skirt Cross Belts Leather Blue Cornflower
  • Pleated Sequin Skirt Metal Blue Neptune
  • Noveau Middle Gem Circlet Metal Rose Gold
  • Tribal Chest Tattoo

:white_check_mark: Request by @Penny2
If you need more bad-girl looks, check out my previous outfits!

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Water Proof Black Pants Leather Grey Black
  • Lace Cape Stilleto Heels Leathergreen Olive
  • Long Double Stone Feather Chained Necklace Leather Orange Tangerine
  • Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater Cotton Cream

:white_check_mark: Request by @NICOLE94
As I’ve mentioned before, please be more specific about requesting outfits or else the results might not turn out to be to your liking! Especially the character’s style (Classic - INK - LL)
I’ve managed to come up with a few ideas but they’re in INK.

INK Outfit Composing:

  • Formal Vest (Sonoma Blue)
  • Navy Blue Loose Pant
  • Black Fancy Achkan Shoes
  • Blue Sikh Dastar Headcovering

INK Outfit Composing:

  • Devil Horns
  • Devil Shirt
  • Wedding Uniform Pants
  • Dress Socks and Shoes Black

INK Outfit Composing:

  • Bloody White Victorian Nightgown

INK Outfit Composing:

  • Diamond Choker Necklace
  • Silver Forest Fairy Dress
  • Valentine Woven Flats (White)
  • White Angel Wings
  • Angel Halo


I love it thank you!


Aww! You’re so kind! I’m so happy that you like it!


Hey can I request another

Halloween disco



can anyone use these outfits? with credit of course.


@taylor_epi Of course you can!

@UltimaW I apologize for not responding sooner. Your request is going to be completed in a matter of minutes!


Aww no it’s fine you.were clearly busy @AndreaH



:white_check_mark: Request by @UltimaW


Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Buckled Strapped Short Boots Leather Brown True
  • Multi Belted Quilted Top With Arm Guard Leather Olive Green
  • Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Warm Grey Dark
  • Shozoku Mask Raised Cotton Purple Mulberry

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Transparent Cutout Leggings Spandex Blue Raven
  • Open Front Skirt Cross Belts Leather Grey Black
  • Belted Folded Over Cuffed Boots Leather Purple Mulberry
  • Shozoku Mask Raised Cotton Purple Mulberry
  • Corset Tied Off Shoulder Multi Belted Top With Arm Guard Leather Purple Mulberry
  • Tribal Chest Tattoo

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Twisted Witch Hat Cottonred Grey Black
  • Starry Robe Chiffon Grey Black
  • Devil Tattered Cape Black
  • Starry Robe Bottom Chiffon Grey Black
  • Gogo Boots Knee High Pleather Yellow True
  • Waterproof Snow Pants Wool Grey Black

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Twisted Witch Hat Cottonred Grey Black
  • Starry Witch Dress Cotton Grey Black
  • Gogo Boots Knee High Pleather Grey Black

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Laceup Angel Sandals Lavender Black
  • Male Embroidered White Toga Cotton Gunmetal Black
  • Male Embroidered White Toga Cotton Gunmetal Black
    >>> These two are separated and are totally different pieces of clothing but their names are identical.
  • Long Devil Horns Black
  • Devil Tail Black
  • Wings Devil Black

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Laceup Angel Sandals Lavender Black
  • Angel Dress Costume Chiffon Gunmetal Black
  • Short Devil Horns Black
  • Devil Tail Black
  • Wings Devil Black

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Angel Dress Costume Chiffon White Gold
  • Laceup Angel Sandals Soft Gold
  • Angel Halo Soft Gold
  • Wings Angel Platinum Snow
  • Noveau Gem Pendant Necklace Metal Rose Gold


Thanks @AndreaH


You’re welcome! I hope you like the outfits!




Can I make another request? :blush:
Style: Limelight (FEMALE)
Character’s Style/Personality: Sassy, popular, demanding, all-about-me
Event: Cheerleading at school.
Type of Clothing/Description Cheerleading outfits. Something bright too?

Style: Limelight (FEMALE):
Character’s Style/Personality: Shy, nerdy, timid
Event: In the hospital.
Type of Clothing/Description Hospital attire. Something a patient would wear.





Hello can i have some help so i lost all my stories on my account and am starting over with a new story thats gonna be like the characters from desperate housewives and i would love some help for outfits that are like each of them susan, bree, lynette, edie and gabi. i need 5 of each if you can :smiley:


@sunset16 Your request will be completed in a matter of moment!

And @NICOLE94 Please specify the character style that you requested as I haven’t read or seen “The Desperate Housewives” yet :sweat:

Complete this form for me everytime you want to request something! I’ll guarantee that you will be satisfied with your newly made outfits! :grin:


Style limelight
Charcater style

  1. Rich and married and has an affair
  2. Rich and married and very smart and clean
  3. Married has kids and a stay at home mum
  4. Divorced has 1 child and doesn’t like being alone

All types of events

Any clothing tahtll fit the descriptions