Andrea's Official Outfit Thread

Aww!!! Glad you liked them! :smile:

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Guys! If you ever need help with outfit designs or want to share with your own ideas, feel free to request or post anything here!

Style: Ink female
Character’s Style/Personality: Likes bracelets, chokers, and boots. a little sexy and bad-ass
Event: Causal life
Type of Clothing/Description: mostly Black with an accent of dark green or dark blue or silver

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@EpisodeUser997 Your request will be done in a couple of minutes!

Style: Ll

Personalty: Mysterious shy shady loner

Event: Out in the school libary

Clothes: Anything Black or Purple …with headphones

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:white_check_mark: Request by @EpisodeUser997

INK Outfit Composing:

  • Teal Boho Bracelet
    Optional Accessory
  • Bristol Casual bottom New
  • Moon Necklace
  • Tube Top (Pine Cave)
  • Punk Look Jacket
  • Headphones Blue
    Optional Accessory
  • Jade Party Shoes

:white_check_mark: Request by @UltimaW
I didn’t know you requested for a Male or Female outfit so I did both!

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Pleated Small Belted Waist High Skirt Cottongrey Black
  • Collared Crop Rolledup Sleeves Jacket Leather Grey Black
  • Long Doubled Stone Feather Chained Necklace Leather Purple Blue Violet
  • Flower Tank Pattern Tank Silk Grey Black
  • Cut Out Chelsea Boots Leather Black
  • Headphones
    This accessory is placed behind the character’s head. I think this is a glitch. I can’t find anything to replace it since this is the only pair of headphones…

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Skinny Jean Rolled Cuff Denim Grey Black
  • Ankle Tied Hiking Boots Cotton Grey Black
  • Cuff Metal Accent Bracelet Purple Mulberry
  • Cable Knitted Hooded Jacket With Undershirt Wool Grey Black
  • Headphones

Oh my god it’s perfect! I don’t think i will use the headphones, but otherwise its AMAZING
definitely using you whenever i need a custom outfit! Do you want credit or no?

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Aww I’m glad that you like it!

hey also if you don’t want to spend time typing out all the things you used you can just take a screenshot of the “CLOTHES USED” section

Haha that’s a really useful tip! Thank you for suggesting! :grin:

I turn out to like the typed version better because my requesters won’t have to look into a tiny screen to figure out the name of the piece of clothing. I type everthing out so they can just copy & paste the name into the search bar and BAM.

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Oh ok LOL

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Hey! Do you need help with outfit designs? I’ll be able to help you!

Dis character is basically me


*Tanktopbasicshort Cotton Neutralblack
*Rippedleggingssimple Blueoxford
*Wedge Saddle Laces Suede Tan

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That’s a great outfit!

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:white_check_mark: Request by @hanna_montgomery

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Noveau Gem Pendant Necklace Metal Gold
  • A Collar A Line Cotton Red Sepia
  • Heels House Party Leather Brown
  • Moto Jacket Sleeve Zipper Leather Neutral Brown

Limelight Outfit Composing:

  • Skinny Jeans Torn Rolled Cuff Denim Grey Black
  • Black Ribbed Leather Jacket Open
  • Tight Fitting Tank Top Cotton Grey Black
  • Studded Metal Rimmed Earring Metal Grey Black
  • Chelsea Ankle Boots Pull Tab Leather Grey Black
  • Long Chain Ring Necklace Metal Silver
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Heheh I’m lazy af soo can you help me with one LL outfit

Style: LL
Personality: Badass, Cold; Sleeps around, confident
Event: Casual school day
Description: Something black and if you want a pic of my character then, It can be red, white and blue but her fav color is black


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Can I request a few outfits as well?

I noticed that we have bloody tattered clothes for females in Limelight but not really any for males. Can you create an outfit for a guy that’s tattered and looks like he’s been stranded on an island?
Style: Limelight (MALE)
Character’s Style/Personality: Kind, helping, confused. He’s older so it doesn’t have to be sylish or superficial lol.
Event: Stranded on an Island.
Type of Clothing/Description : Tattered clothing.

Can you create a genie outfit as well? I’ve been using the Sari tops and bottoms but I was wondering if you could come up with something better lol :blush:.
Style: Limelight (FEMALE)
Character’s Style/Personality: She’s nice but she’s a little sassy.
Event: She’s a genie.
Type of Clothing/Description : Genie clothing. Any type. But, try not to include any modern clothes.


Style: Ink
Character’s Style/Personality: Cute/ Savage (sorta bad girl ish)
Event: Casual day
Type of Clothing/Description: I don’t know…? Anything really.

@Jossu @Penny2 @Sunset_Shimmer Your requests will be completed soon! Thank you for your support!

If the results turn out NOT to your liking, you are free to request again but you’ll have to be more specific.

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Hello can i get some halloween costume ideas for girls and boys please :smiley: