~ Andrea's outfit and character shop ~ (OPEN, FREE)

Hi everybody! Welcome to the little shop of mine. So, to introduce myself, my name’s Andrea, I’m 21 years old, college student and episode writer. Anyways, I’ve decided to open this shop for people who are having a hard time finding perfect outfit for their characters. Also, to help the people who have the character’s story in their head, but just don’t know how should they look like. Again, welcome, get comfortable, and let me guide you through my shop.


To make everything work, we’ll set few rules before we start.

1. Be nice to others. I won’t tolerate being bullied in my shop. If you do that, I’m afraid you’ll have to search for another shop.

2. Everything’s free. But, it would be nice if you followed me on my Instagram. (Only if you have one) It’s @andreaaa.f.miller, as same as here.

3. You’ll need to prove me you read the rules. So when ordering, type in the code: 1712

4. I take orders from here, PMs and Instagram.

5. When ordering, make sure you fill in the form completely and correctly.



If ordering outfit:
Their name / Your name (Please, tag yourself.) / Skin (Color) / Eyes (Color and shape) / Lips (Color and shape) / Hair (Color and style) / Face shape / Nose (Shape) / OC’s gender / The vibe we’re going for /

If ordering character:
Personality / Name / Age / Gender / Again, the whole vibe we’re going for / Extra things (such as tattoos, outfits, scars…)

If ordering banner:
How should it look like / Text / Other ideas


I do:

  • Banners
  • Outfits
  • Characters

Pretty much shown up there… I have no energy to make another one tho…

Characters and outfits

I’m happy to have you here! Can’t wait to have your order!

Greetings! :cherry_blossom:

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