Androgynous people


It would be amazing if we could have characters who are androgynous instead of only male or female. It could make people who are genderfluid or gender non-binary feel more represented and also make some stories work better.


100% support! I always feel weird forcing my nonbinary characters to present within a binary,


what i’ve done in the past is give my genderqueer characters female bodies and put them in the buttonup shirt with the tan bowtie, high waisted black jeans, and those tan lace-up shoes. male bodies don’t have many feminine-type outfit pieces available.


I tend to vary appearances and use both body types, depending on how the character prefers to present. An actual androgynous option would be more helpful, though.


definitely. though, what kind of body would you be thinking of?

breasts? broad shoulders? tight waist? thin limbs? thicker limbs?

does it really matter? gender expression isn’t really biological. i think episode should add more androgynous clothing items for the male/female bodies, rather than and entire new body, since genderqueer people don’t all have the same body, haha.


True, and I do agree that androgynous clothing items are important. I’d definitely like something that isn’t really coded one way or another in regards to both character bases and clothing items. Fewer obvious secondary sex characteristics, at least, since the current characters are drawn to fall into an idealized binary. We need more body types in general for that reason, but that’s a topic that’s been discussed in the community for a long time.


like episode’s female body type (slim legs, arms, waist) but with a flat chest, or episode’s male body type (broad shoulders, tall) but with breasts?


Having defined body types is tricky, since everyone experiences gender differently and therefore has different ideals for what characteristics they’d want to have, especially as far as nonbinary folks are concerned. But since we are paying attention to Episode’s limited capabilities with customization…


I had to do that for the story I’m writing too but it still feels wrong and there aren’t many clothing options that really look androgynous


that makes sense but having a few more options wouldn’t hurt. Having at least two more would at least help some. Because there are no clothes for the female characters that really hide the breasts and there are very few feminine outfits for males and most of them are costumes. And they still are very obviously supposed to be male.

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