Android to iPhone?

I’ve been playing Episode on my android and I’m wondering if I download it on my iPhone and log into the same account will my diamonds, tickets, and story progress transfer?

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I don’t see why it shouldn’t, you are logging into an account rather than starting from scratch. It might be helpful to submit a support ticket to ask about it. But I think it should stay the same

Okay, thanks

No problem sorry I can’t be alof more help. Hopefully someone who has done this will see your post and can tell you better than me :slight_smile:

No. It doesn’t save progress. It only saves progess with logging in if it’s the same brand of phone. And even then, sometimes it doesn’t work.

It didn’t for me:(

Unfortunately, Episode cannot transfer accounts from Android to iOS or iOS to Android.

@/Pmcatfish is right ^^

Can also read about it here: to verify :slightly_smiling_face:


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