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ok request below

I gave you my request

ooooh the one with your character and my character? ok!

Thank you!!! Xx

Angelina, how long does it take you to make these backrounds, and where do you make them? Your so good at this.

Hey Can you make me another Covers?
i Wanna Decide what will fit more to the name of the st

Large (Vertical,) Small (Horizontal,) Or both types of covers? Both

Title: My Dead Husband

Author: Chole Black



Where should I put the characters? i dont really care. put them anywhere you want

Will you give me credit or can I put my name in the cover? You Can put credit

Also can you put blood under the boy’s shirt and put a knife overlay near his body/hand

sorry i had to go yesterday can u just put them in the position they r in

Angelina? Are you almost done with my backround?

I’m sorry, but I don’t have superspeed and there are others waiting too.

r u almost done with mine


ok do u think u will be done with it today

Yes, it will.

ok do u know when

Maybe in an hour or so?


Your covers are done.


love them thanks

Your covers are done! I Hope you like them!


Thanks! I hope I can get this story out soon!