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Angelina’s Splash Shop (Free)

I can make you a splash, banner, or sometimes covers!
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1. What do you want ( cover, banner, splash)

If you chose splash

What Type: Warning, Chapter, To be continued, Sound

2. What background?
3. What should it say?
4. Author Name (Optional)
5. Story Name (Optional)

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Order Below!


Ummm… is it free



  1. What type of splash? What does Type mean???
  2. What background? Just like, a forest with fireflies
  3. What should it say? This story contains mature themes and content, viewer discretion advised
  4. Author Name (Optional) Madi
  5. Story Name (Optional) From Where We Began


your order will come soon


I had a question though


ok. What is it?


What did you mean by Type of splash


Like, a chapter splash, warning splash, to be continued splash or turn on your volume splash.


Warning splash


is this ok

Your Splash


Jesus, that’s amazing thanks. Do you mind making just one more???


na, its fine! What would you like?


oh I forgot to add the book title and author name. Do you want me to add it or leave it as is?


Just an ombre grey, saying To be continued, in pretty writing. I don’t rly care about the rest


You don’t have to add it


Here it is:



Thankyou so much!


So, my computer hates me, and only accepts double the size of images, could you try and make it like, 6,000 by 10,000 image???


ok coming up