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Can I request a cover? <3


Sure! Just fill out the form :yellow_heart:



bUmP :yellow_heart: :innocent:

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Art scene
Style: LL
@queenscribbles can you do it if you have time

character details

Body: female soft body

Brow: round thin high, black jet

Hair: morning updo, black dark

Eyes: monolid slender, brown light

Face: square mature

Nose: round broad

Lips: full heart pouty, red deep matte


extra stuff

Hi so if this is to gruesome just tell me.
But anyways can you make the character (Lauren) laying on the ground with a knife lodged in her throat. She’s laying on a wood floor (on a stage). Can you make it kinda dark in the picture. You can do her whole body or half . Other than that do whatever else you want!

(Also sorry for asking for so much, thanks in advance!)

Head In The Clouds

If you can’t please tell me right away


It will be done soon!


THANK YOU! :joy: :laughing:

hey! sorry to bother you but do you want one of these bg or another one

and how many zones???
I could always take out the lights

Sorry but can you make her on floor from like a birds eye view.

But if not the first one

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no problem girl

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@pilot can you help me with tappable overlays by any chance

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so for my new story I want to have a tappable customization template I don’t have money but I can pay ya in credits hope to hear back have day :sunflower:


Dara Amarie has a lot of amazing templates if you’re looking for help in coding, we can only help you with the overlays themselves :relaxed:

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thank you and also do you do like slash cards if you mind me asking I really need one I love your overlays so I was wondering if you could help make slash covers for my story🌻

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Slash? Maybe I sound a little dumb, but what do you mean by that? And if you want to make a request, please fill out the form and don’t forget the password :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

wait what form haha and like for warnings and stuff you know if I am making sesnse

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wait just notice it im sorry

Great! If you read the rules you should find the password as well! :hearts:

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