Animal abuse no way

I HATE, ABSOLUTELY HATE animal abuse do U guys

(For example, horse and greyhound racing, circuses, factory farming ECT)


I HATE it!!! I can’t even understand how people can hurt an animal for “fun sake”!! It’s disgusting and it will always be!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I also hate animal abuse. Animals are also living beings. They are innocent. Many people abuse animals for entertainment purpose but this is poor mentality of people. I Hate it :sob:


I support the vegan activists because it’s animal abuse is horrid I just want to kill every one that hurts animals or even has the thought of it

FYI I’m not a violent person


I hate it as well. Those animals were living a time of their life and we basically ruin it. I believe that killing the Earth and such is an indirect way of animal abuse.


Animal abuse is disgusting, Animals are so much better than us humans I swear :woman_facepalming:


Me too! I heard on the news one time that some teenager boys had broke into a stable and when they were in there they set a horse on fire!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Basically: Animals act more human-like, humans act more animal-like. WE DON’T DESERVE THEM.


If the whole human race just died and animals could just live happily in there own way with no human left that’s my happy place.
Bc we are just killing the world we don’t deserve to live in such a beautiful place if we are just going to take advantage of it🤬


Where was that

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Do any of you guys live in Australia

YUPP that’s the bottomline, if we just treated them like human beings. The world would’ve been perfectly balanced. Both animals and humans are thriving and no ones trying to be better than the other. Just because we have a brain that’s different from then means that we should take advantage of them.

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Örebro, Sweden…

To be honest we shouldn’t treat them like humans Do u see what people are doing to other people it horrendous like the Christ church shooting


Oof my bad, humans are bad

Ohhhhhh Ur so lucky I want to move to Sweden

Any why we need to make a plead to our prime Ministe/ president to stop animal abuse, climate change ECT

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What do you mean??:thinking::joy:

I don’t know because that suck af!! Like just noooooooo!

in Australia our new prime minister sucks he’s stupid
So I think we (Australia) needs too

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I want to move to Sweden I live in Australia

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Our too he don’t even bring up animal abuse in debates!!

I already live in Sweden.:joy::joy: