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How do you add your own images into your story but animate them and not have them just as a static overlay?

For example - have a grenade fly through the air? I’ve seen it in other stories but can’t find anything about that?

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To do that you shift the overlay. @overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y

You can find more things to do with overlays in the basic and advanced guides on Episode.



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There’s also the overlay helper in the app and on the portal where you can get all your numbers.


Short answer: you use overlay animations.
There was a good guide at the old forum but I’m not sure of they moved it. I’m afraid explainig all of it would take forever, so I’ll just run you through the basics. If you go to the guide in the writer portal and look under Advanced directing tips in the list to your left you’ll find all the information under overlay animations.
If you want to learn advanced directions I recomend you start with looking at that guide as it’s a good foundation to stand on.

So, getting back to your question.
For having an object moving over the screen like the grenade in Adrenaline you do simulare to when moving a character, only with a different set of commands.

@overlay BULLET shifts to 143 377 in 3.0

Note, only use the place coordinates (the second and third set of numbers) not the size,

If you’d like to change the size you use the command scale instead of shifts, with the first number of the overlay position. You need to write it two times. On for width and once for height, followed by the the time you want the change to be made in.

@overlay BULLET scales to 0.225 0.225 in 3.0

You can combine this two by putting them after each other - either in a line or on two - and use the & instead of @ to make it happen simultaneously.

&overlay BULLET shifts to 143 377 in 3.0
&overlay BULLET scales to 0.225 0.225 in 3.0


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Amazing- I’m yet to try but hopeing it seems pretty straight forward and logical! Thanks so much for the speedy reply.

The anaimation in Adrenaline is out of this world! She does a great job.


You’re welcome. Happy to help. Good luck and “may the code be with you.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And yes, Evil Ebonni’'s very talented. I love her stories. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with for the H & V creator’s contest…



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