Animated art needed!

Hello everyone! I need an animated picture kind of like this

But of course of an episode character, if you think you can do this I would be so happy, take your time, I wonโ€™t rush you and I will give you full credit! Thank you!


Could you send me the character details? @noelle09

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Of course! Thank you!


Skin: copper 00

Brow: arched thick styled (color chestnut brown)

Hair: short wavy ombre (color blonde medium)

Eyes: round medium (color blue deep)

Face: heart soft

Nose: defined natural

Lips: full heart pouty (color peach matte)

Dress her however you would like!

Thank you so much!

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Went ahead and moved this topic to Art Resources since that is what you are requesting. Please take a gander at our forum tutorial that explains where to correctly create topics on the forums. Thanks!