Animated intro ideas?

Hey! So I’m trying to make a new intro for my story but I’m having trouble thinking of things to do for it, so I thought to ask the forums! Here’s my story kinda summarized down! (Also I’m not asking for someone to code for me bc I can do that I just need ideas!) I WILL CREDIT YOU!!!

the 3 main characters are Rowan(girl) Lane (boy) and Aiden( boy) they when Rowan was little she was abused then later got her twin brother Asher taken from her. So 5 years later Rowan is a sharp shooter looking for her missing brother with the help of Aiden. Rowan has always been a little different then the others. Just like Lane. Later on Lane comes in and starts to help them too.(Lane and Rowan both have a special power that is very hard to control by them self’s)

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask me!

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maybe do a quick backstory for the intro?

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Hmmm like a different one each time?

i honestly don’t even know, I just put the first thing I could think of 🥸

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Are you talking about an animated menu or title screen? Or are you looking for just your characters to just do things without dialogue? I can help with either if you’re interested.

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Like a cool animated intro :slight_smile: of that makes sense like if you have ever read ideal (great story btw) she has a cool coded intro that relates to her story plot. For example her story is about a girl that loves to write and one of her characters come to life and the intro is a paper being printed out with the cover name and all the warnings (if that makes sense at all :sweat_smile:)

Ahahah Ik what you mean! Thank you!!