Animated intro lag

I’m Loella, an author from episode. Actually, I’m writing my first story and I had a quick question about my animated intro. :sweat_smile:
Like most episode authors, I’m composing my story on my computer. I don’t know if it’s normal but on my computer, my animated intro is super pretty like I programmed it. But, I tried to read it from the app, and my animated intro comes up all lagged out, and it’s all messed up. All that to say that my animated intro isn’t the same as on my computer. I was wondering if when I’ll publish my story it will come up like on my computer or like on my phone? I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!:weary:I HOPE you understand.

  • Loella Xx

I would trust the app as that’s more accurate. You can also send your un-published story to someone for testing (what they experience is a pretty good indicator of what your readers will see).

Thank you for your reply that means a lot :two_hearts:
I just tried that but my intro still looks soo bad! :weary:
What am I supposed to do??
My sister has the same problem as I have.
Anyone else??

I recommend this:

If they also experience a lag, then you can go over your code and make changes (or have someone look over your code and help you out).

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Oh ok, that’s actually not a bad idea. :slight_smile:
I know I’m asking a lot but do you know anyone who’s good to fix those lags who could help me? :sweat_smile:

I’d love to help. May you PM me your story link so I can test the intro out? HOW TO: Message Someone, Put Account on Private + Extra Stuff

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the method to fix it depends on what type of lag it is, i can help if you still need it! you can either pm me on here or dm me on instagram @vivviiie and i’ll be more than happy to help you fix it (: :blob_hearts:

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Hey! Thank you so much that would mean a lot!! :blush: Just keep in mind that I’m not finished episode 1 so if you read further, it might have some lags and things that won’t make sense haha :rofl:
If that’s okay, I’d send you the link on instagram cause I think it would make it easier (:

Thanks again, it’s so so so appreciated!! :heartpulse: I’ll send it right away!