Animated intro?

Can someone make an animated intro for me? The name if the story is Queue the Drama.




She doesnt do animated intros any more

I can try if you provide overlays?

Overlays? Never done this before…

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Well what kind of animated intro would you like? Because usually to make one, one would need overlays :smile:

Well I want the MC in it. I’m thinking like shes in the center and the title falls in word by word. And then she winks. so ;

@MC stands screen center
title falls in word by word
@MC is wink
@transition fade out

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To make it easier to understand

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Ohhh okay that makes sense! I can code that easily, but you will need overlays! Is the Title “Queue” or “Cue”?

Haha, good point. umm, queue.

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Why queue? Usually, the gramatically correct way is cue… Sorry I don’t want to be rude, just wondering!

I guess I’ll have to fix it. Thanks!

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Of course! Do you still want an Intro?

This is what the MC looks like. Do you need me to like change to the right background and outfit?

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All I need is the background you want, the MC’s code name, and then overlays. I’ll tell you what to do when we get to the overlays :wink:

Overlays, like words or objects. I need the gist on what you mean. I will find a background soon, and change her outfit. Her code name is


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Words, unless you want any objects in the intro?

Ok. Now do I make them? Like I’m confused… I make them and get them approved or like what? Idk how to do this stuff

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Here, go to this website and make each word
Then paste them all here, and I can explain

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