Animating layover

hi! im trying to animate a layover but im getting an error: “Invalid time format”

my code looks like this:
@overlay WATER shifts to 0.622 13 -333 in zone 1 in 3 & THEN overlay WATER shifts to 0.622 -7 -324 in zone 1 in 3 loop infinite times

can anyone tell me what im doing wrong? thank you :pleading_face:


I dont think you can use & like that
like i think & can only be at the beginning of the line

oh wait & is the problem because you have THEN after it

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You need to remove the & in the middle of the code and also never ever use the @ sign when looping overlays. You must use &. If you use @, your scene will be forever stuck at that part and won’t continue

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ok thank you so much!

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