Animating Lim overlays

I’m just really confused about this, I’m wondering if it’s possible to animate my overlay to this position? Like I want the overlay to lift up to his mouth if that’s possible? Ik he doesn’t have the other arm :sweat_smile:

To this position?

(I mean arm not mouth) :sweat_smile:

If you cut out the arm and make the rotating point at the elbow, the arm can rotate up to his mouth and look like an animated joint.


Ty sm

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Wait actually I’m still really confused how do i put the rotation at the elbow?

So here’s an arm overlay:

arm overlay

I cropped it so the center of the elbow would be the rotating point.


Then you take your dude without the arm;

Spot direct the arm to where it should be, and you can rotate it up to his lip!