Animating overlays of charaters! [A GUIDE]


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Hiii! I’m TT and I’ll be covering how to animate overlays of characters! This will help you loop run_cry and run_casual animations or simply make custom poses talk!

Today, we are handling custom poses talking!

Now, before I start, I’m going to simply ask one thing from you, if you’re not similar to editing software, please LEARN ONE! I cannot help you if you have no idea what I’m saying!

Here’s my custom pose, but this is not enough, I need 2 or more overlays that provides her mouth moving.

Here is one where her mouth is open.

Now I’m going to use gif method to make her talk. (FOR GIF TUTORIAL GO HERE.)

I start by spotting my overlays and backgrounds.

INT. RED LED BACKGROUND with GRAY CONTAINER to .640 -74 120 in zone 2 at layer 3 with GRAY CONTAINER2 to .964 -117 6 in zone 2 at layer 6 with EVA5 to .568 9 -102 in zone 2 at layer 9 with EVA6 to .568 9 -102 in zone 2 at layer 8 with EVA7 to .568 9 -102 in zone 2 at layer 7
&zoom reset
&overlay EVA6 opacity 0 in 0
&overlay EVA7 opacity 0 in 0

I lower their opacity to zero because I only need the one with closed mouth showing because she’s not talking yet.

Now I’m going to spot her in zone 1 since all characters are in zone 2

@EVA stands screen center in zone 2

It’s time to use the gif method! Read carefully.

&overlay EVA5 opacity 0 in 0 (I lower the closed mouth one.)
&overlay EVA6 opacity 1 in 0 THEN overlay EVA6 opacity 1 in 0.1 THEN overlay EVA6 opacity 0 in 0 THEN overlay EVA7 opacity 1 in 0 THEN overlay EVA7 opacity 1 in 0.1 THEN overlay EVA7 opacity 0 in 0 loop INFINITE times

It is animated now, and she will look like she’s talking. Don’t forget to make the opacity of the closed mouth one %100 once the talking is done.

Here’s how it looks:

Don’t forget to drop your questions! Same goes with running loopings!

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