Animating overlays


So I have this overlay (on the right side of the screen) what I want to know is how to make it kinda slide into frame instead of having it pop up when I write the shift command


Place it offscreen with the shift command using “in 0”. Then just shift it onscreen in however many seconds you want. @overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in zone # in [number of seconds]


How are you so amazing dara.amarie :joy:


Has an answer for aaaanything ik it’s amazing :joy:


Thank you thank you thank you a million times


I have another question. Now how do I shift the overlay and the character in frame at the same time?


I did the same thing in my story and I just used & and place my character on the screen along with an overlay


Did you use it before or after the overlay command?


Like that:



Oh okay, gotcha


It didn’t work. My character popped up


I used that because my screen pops up and character as well, this is how it works for me.
but you can make your character to walk to the screen if you want after the overlay shows up


Ohhh I see what you mean, but thank you


Hey, what did you do when the character exited off screen with the overlay?


Used walk to spot (offscreen) and fade out an overlay


Oh okay, thank you (: because I had some trouble with it yesterday