ANIMATION: A Sad Laying Animation!

Hey ya’ll! My name is Dasha, and I hope ya’ll agree on what Ima say next.
There should be a talk_neutral_lay_sad and a talk_neutral_lay_sad_loop!
There is only talk_neutral_lay and talk_neutral_lay_exhausted…but what happens if your character has to be sad? None of those really fit the category.
I hope Episode considers my idea!

  • Dasha

Hi Dasha! Great request you got here :slight_smile: Please make sure to make any edits to your topic based on the feature request guidelines. Thanks and keep up the good work!

(Change your title to ex Animation : More Sad animations to follow the guidelines.)

Okie, I did that, thx!

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And I think I fixed it…I hope. :slightly_smiling_face: