ANIMATION: A Scared Scream

ANIMATION: A scared scream

I’ve looked at other posts on here and I didn’t find another one that suggested this. I’ve reviewed the guidelines, so hopefully, I’ve gotten this right in format and place. I apologize if I do not or have messed up.

I’ve noticed in stories they’ll have characters scream in fear. With the current scream animation, it can look odd or awkward with how angry they look. With how many stories there are that use screams in the sense of fear, I personally think it would be pretty helpful.


SUPPORT!! :hugs:

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there is one for limelight, react_scream_horror. are you asking for an animation for ink?


Oh. I guess I am.

episode isn’t adding any more features for INK ; they’re just adding hidden stuff rn

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I know. I made this before I realised that.

@Sydney_H @Jeremy
This can be closed as INK isn’t getting added to anymore and Limelight already has one.

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