ANIMATION: All of these without loop!

My story looks very weird pausing after a lot of the animations because nothing is offered without loop! Can we PLEASE get all of the talking loop animations without the loop?! Especially the talk_armscrossed ones, talk_sad ones, talk_sit ones, and a lot of other basic ones? :pray::pray::pray:


A tip :gem: :heart:


Oh I know, that’s why I said it looks weird with all the pauses between dialogues because I am adding in other animations to make them stop looping! But thank you for the tip! But I do have a question regarding your dialogue you posted above…

&BRANDI is listen_phone_neutral_loop
Hey, I heard you like tulips.

You can do the script like this? I thought you could only add the &command over the @command?

I’m with you on this. Support
As of now you have to find a good non looping animation to switch into right after. Not that big of a problem for most parts except for the talk animations that doesn’t have a counterpart in idle mood and when going into a choice

To answer your question about & command.

  • @ command makes something happen and play it out fully. It will pause the playing of the script for so long it takes for the command to happen. Ex an animation. It also has an inbuilt pause of it’s own.

  • & command, makes something happen simeltaneously. It will not pause and wait for the command to play out before moving on to the next. Ideal for creating a smoother storyline by using it during conversations or when you want things to happen in the background.
    But you need to be careful with how you use it. Because since it doesn’t have an inbuilt pause, like the @, it doesn’t stop unless you force it to - like with the @ command or a bubble (works like a @ but is also reader triggered) So for iunstance having one character doing one animation with a & and then a second right after without the proper pause in between will result in a skipping of the first command or play it out very shortly, resulting often in the character doing nothing at all. So use it wisely.
    If you need any help, feel free to pm me.

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That’s what I thought… You can’t write:

KATHERINE (talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop)

&KATHERINE is idle_armscrossed_neutral
BRANTLEY (talk_neutral)

Actually, you can. :grinning:
In your example, KATHRINE will first speak, then go into an idle animation as BRANTLEY takes over simultaneously. His dialoge in turn will work as a @

OH MY GOODNESS that’s a game changer!!! :exploding_head::exploding_head: