ANIMATION: Angry Idle (variations) (Limelight)

There’s only one angry idle animation (except armscrossed). We need more so that angry talking animations are finished correctly.

Like please :heart:


Love it! Support.

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Ikr! It’s so aggravating for me to use Limelight bc there aren’t enough animations. That’s why I use INK instead. But Limelight is kinda new, so they still are updating.


Love it

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Having a few more would be so helpful :grin:

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Yup because there’s only one :smiley:

You have my support!

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Yeah LL animations are terrible

Well I believe limelight animation are amazing, we just miss some. :heart:

I mean I wasn’t trynna like start a fight or anything. I just meant that LL animations are kinda stiff and stuff.

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:heart::heart::heart: I know :heart: different tastes :kissing_heart: