ANIMATION: Animation Ideas?

Hiya x I was thinking about some things Episode could possibly improve on in the future for upcoming stories etc. Episode all ready have an increadible array of animations to use however, I thought it would be amazing if we had some more specific ones. here are some of my ideas:

  • Applying makeup / doing makeup on another character
  • Crying with actual tears
  • Cuddling / intimate cuddling
  • Working out
  • Painting nails
  • blushing
  • Putting arm around a character (supportive / playfully)
  • Leaning in (before a kiss)
  • Drawing / painting
  • give jacket to another character

These are just a few of my ideas, What do you guys think? I donā€™t know how Episode would take these ideas in butā€¦ yep. x


OMG totally SUPPORT!!!

but i think the title should be different :thinking:
And this should be in the ā€œFeature + Art Suggestionsā€ category :thinking:

ah your right xD x thankyou

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no prob! and the titleā€¦ā€œANIMATION: different animationsā€? idk :sweat_smile:

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Yh I think the title has to be changed toā€¦ ANIMATION: Different Animation Ideas

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looool thanks xD x

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Np :grin:

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