ANIMATION: Animation Requests!

Hello! I have a few suggestions for animations that I think would be great! Sorry if this violates the rules in any way!

  1. Thumbs up
  2. This emoji :ok_hand:
  3. One where the character is pinching the air, like saying “just a little bit.” :pinching_hand:
  4. Piggy-backing
  5. Bridal-style carrying!
  6. That thing people do when they get mad and hit something that’s not a person, ie. a wall. The punching and slapping animations don’t look natural for this kind of thing
  7. Holding something secret behind them
  8. More realistic crying PLEASE :pray:
  9. Peace sign! :v:
  10. Rock sign :metal:
  11. Call me sign :call_me_hand:
  12. Pointing at something without reaching their arm extremely far

And I have a bunch more that I just can’t think of right now.



As much as I support this, this kind of topic goes against the feature request guidelines.

You should have 1 topic per animation.

Also, I know realistic crying already exists, and you’re not allowed to have duplicate topics.

This thread will probably get closed unless you change it.


Oh the crying animations that I have don’t look realistic

What do you mean by one topic per animation?

You can’t list out a ton of animations. You need to have

ANIMATION: Thumbs up


You can’t have multiple requests in one thread. They all need to have separate topics.

Also, I meant that there is already a topic requesting realistic crying animations. Not that they already exist.


Ohh ok. Thanks for the help

Topic closed due to violation of Feature Request Guidelines Contact @Sydney_H to discuss editing and reopening topic. :smiley: