ANIMATION: bachata

So what is bachata? bachata is a dance that originated in the Dominican Republic, although many Hispanics that belong to other ethnicities like to dance to bachata. Not only is it a dance but it is a music genre as well (one of the best ones imo) i love bachata it’s so beautiful and i wish i knew how to. my mom can dance it tho (she’s Nicaraguan for reference) so i hope she can teach me. but i think this will be a perfect animation to be added in episode to represent all the different kinds of dances if a hispanic character goes to a “carne asada” (family/friend cookout although it literally translates to roast meat) or a hispanic birthday party. You can dance bachata by yourself or with a partner

videos/photos of what bachata looks like

Bachata freestyle - YouTube
Beach Bachata freestyle - YouTube
Quinceanera bachata - YouTube
of course not every bachata is not romantic like those or you dont even have to dance with other people. bachata can also look like this!
How to dance: Bachata - Box (part 9) - YouTube
Aventura -Los infieles bachata Choreography - YouTube

animation formats:

animations for a character dancing by themselves

animations for a character dancing with somebody else


something along those lines but I hope they get added to episode. I really want them to add more aspects of Hispanic/latine culture.


Support! that would be awesome when I was younger my uncles girlfriend would teach me how to dance bachata but I was always to shy to learn lol :joy:

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SAME!! my mom has tried to teach me bachata when i was little. she would pull me to the dancefloor and i’d be so stiff because i was too shy to dance :skull:

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Support! This would be really nice!

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