ANIMATION: Casting Spells



OK, this was inspired by Heather from the old Forums (which I may have been stalking recently, just checking how it was before) :laughing:

We should have animations that allow us to cast spells and they come with a magic wand (either with the animation) or has a prop. It would be cool to have a few sparks of power fly out of one’s fingertips, right?

P.S Let me know if this is a duplicate ; )




Thank you very much :nerd_face: :green_heart:


Anytime, I actually have a story about magical people so this would be a really good addition. And I’m still working on it and it’s not published yet though.


Support! :purple_heart: (This might also encourage people to make fantasy stories instead of bad boy cliches and stuff like that.)







I don’t rlly understand when people sya ‘old forums’ can you tell mee?


I wasn’t active on the Old Forums but I’ve heard about it and stalked it a few times to check it out lol, those Forums are old and were different from this one, which is newer (yes, I prefer this one 'cause I’m more active on it) :eyes: So, they were like version 1.0 and this is version 2.0.

You might need to ask a Forumer who’s been on the Old Forums to understand a bit better but I did hear about the ruckus when the switch between Forums was happening :smiley:

Anyways, the old Forums doesn’t exist anymore, it’s just a memory for people (I THINK). However, I was curious so I accessed web pages of it online (not the best quality, but still a safe, reliable website that stores info) and came across cool old posts, one of them being about casting spells, so I was inspired to make a post :smile:

And thank you for supporting, you rock!


Support. This would be pretty helpful, especially in Fantasy stories :grin:


support !


Support :yellow_heart:




yes I want the sparks on fingertips!!!


Yeah! I have a few simple ideas for how they could be done:


A simple flick like that :arrow_up:


A more dramatic one :arrow_up:


And a kinda… maniacal one :arrow_up:


Ha, ha, those are wicked cool :smile:


Ohhh, I love this idea :heart_eyes::sparkles: :cake:


I support!


Did I support this already? Oh well.



Yes Yes YES!!!