ANIMATION: Cheerleading animations for LL

So I’ve lowkey always wanted to create a cheerleading story, but there’s always been limited… resources ? for this, in ink there was only ever one outfit and very few animations that could actually be used. It’d be great if cheerleading animations could be created for limelight (and ink but I know that unfortunately INK is no longer being updated :frowning: )
Personally I think this would be an amazing feature to be added, They could even make one of the contests out of it Cheer: The Uprise :joy:
(lmfao I’ve edited this so many times)


Hi @Frvst! Please take the time to review the feature request guidelines and make any needed changes so your topic doesn’t get closed or deleted. Thanks!

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YES support allll the wayyyy :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Yes, please!


SUPPORT :heart: I love the Episode team but stop taunting us with the athletic uniforms in Episode official stories :joy::sob: