ANIMATION: crying_sound_male

Come on guys, this is long overdue. We need a male crying sound. I’m sorry I’m not trying to complain and stuff. But why is there a female crying sound and not a male crying sound. I wanted my male character to be overheard crying but it was only when I searched for the sound that I realised they only had it for women. Men cry too so why wasn’t this sound added with the female one…
Support down below :heart:


Wait that was u

Yeah! I was the one that made it :slight_smile: one of the authors suggested to make a thread in Micellaneous and if it gets support its basically more likely to be noticed by episode <3


ok! sorry abt that

Its ok luv :slight_smile:

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anyways support!

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Yes support!



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Support! :+1:


I suggest you change “feature” to “ANIMATION” though. In all caps, since there are specific rules when it comes to making feature requests.

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